Table 1

Clinicopathological features of intrahepatic mucoepidermoid carcinoma described in present and previous reports
No. Authors (yr.) Age (year)/Gender Location/size (cm) Clinical manifestation Tumor markers Preoperative diagnosis Metastasis Histological grading Treatment Outcome
1 Pianzola LE [5] 44/M RL/15.0 Abdominal pain NA Hydatid cyst None NA Surgical excision Liver failure and dead 45 days after surgery
2 Ho JC [6] 65/M RL/8.0 Jaundice NA NA Lymph node and pancreas NA Conservative Complication and dead 14 days after biopsy
3 63/F LL/6.0 Abdominal pain NA NA Lymph node and pancreas NA Conservative Dead 16 days after diagnosis
4 Koo J [7] 44/F LL/12.0 Cholangitis and hepatomegaly AFP < 5 CC None NA Surgical excision + Chemotherapy Recurrence and dead 6 months after surgery
5 66/M CHD/4.0 Progressive jaundice AFP < 5 NA Lymph node NA Surgical excision Died 1 week after surgery
6 62/M CHD/1.5 Progressive jaundice APF < 5 NA None NA Surgical excision Alive after10 months following-up
7 Katsuda S [8] 78/M LL/11.0 Hepatomegaly AFP = 12.5 HCC Lymph node and lung, kidney NA Chemotherapy Recurrence and dead 3 months
8 Kim YI [9] 35/M LL/18.0 Abdominal pain AFP < 5 NA None NA Surgical excision Alive after 1 year following-up
9 Lambrianides AL [10] 59/F RL/18.0 Abdominal pain NA SCC Kidney NA Conservative Dead 14 days after diagnosis
10 Hayashi I [11] 46/F LL/3.0 Abdominal pain AFP = 20 NA None High-grade Surgical excision Recurrence and dead 11 months after surgery
11 Di Palma S [12] 66/F LL/9.5 Abdominal pain CA19-9 = 500, CEA < 2 NA Diaphragm and pericardial High-grade Surgical excision Whole body metastasis and dead 6 months after surgery
12 Kim JM [13] 68/M LL/10.0 NA AFP < 5 NA None NA Conservative NA
13 Shuangshoti S Jr [14] 64/M LL/5.0 Jaundice NA NA Lymph node High-grade Conservative Intestinal bleeding and dead 7 days after diagnosis
14 Kang H [15] 52/M LL/7.0 Epigastric pain AFP < 5, SCC = 14.1 HCC Lymph node High-grade Surgical excision Dead 6 month after surgery
15 Choi D [16] 69/F RL/16.0 Abdominal pain CA19-9 = 240 Liver abscess Diaphragm NA Surgical excision Recurrence and dead 4 months after surgery
16 Arakawa Y [17] 81/F RL/10.0 Fever CA19-9 = 14893 CC Lymph node High-grade Chemotherapy Cholangitis and dead 4 months after diagnosis
17 The present case 60/F LL/8.5 Jaundice and epigastric pain CA19-9 = 50 CC Lymph node High-grade Surgical excision + chemotherapy Recurrence and dead 6 months after surgery

M, male; F, female; RL, right lobe of liver; LL, left lobe of liver; CHD, common hepatic duct; AFP, a-fetoprotein; CA19-9, carbohydrate antigen 19–9; CEA, carcinoembryonic antigen; CC, cholangiocarcinoma; HCC, hepatocellular carcinoma; SCC, squamous cell carcinoma; NA, not available.

Guo et al.

Guo et al. Diagnostic Pathology 2014 9:24   doi:10.1186/1746-1596-9-24

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