Figure 2.

Histological features and immunophenotype of the “ITPN clear cell type”. (A) A tubulopapillary tumor within the pancreatic duct lined by pseudostratified cells showing abundant clear cytoplasm (x4), (B) higher magnification (x20), (C) Di-PAS (x20) and (D) Alcian Blue detected only a few mucin droplets in the cytoplasm of the clear cells (x20), (E) focally positive immunohistochemical stainings for CK8/18 (x10), (F) strong, membranous emphasised expression of MUC6 (x20), (G) focally and faint expression of CD10 (x20), (H) strong Carbonic Anhydrase IX expression (x10).

Ahls et al. Diagnostic Pathology 2014 9:11   doi:10.1186/1746-1596-9-11
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