Table 1

Clinical and pathologic features in four cases of retroperitoneal composite pheochromocytoma
Age/Sex Clinical Features Syndrome Tumor Size(cm) Histopathology Outcome Reference(country)
48/M NA NA NA PH-GN NA Yoshimi et al.(5),1992(Japan)
41/F Hypertension,palpitation,headache, retroperitoneal mass None 4.4 × 4 × 2 PH-GN Asymptomatic and tumorfree for one year Tohme et al.(4),2006(USA)
63/F retroperitoneal mass None 6.5 × 5 × 3 PA-GN Tumorfree for 18 months after surgery Hirasaki et al.(6),2009(Japan)
50/M retroperitoneal mass None 4.5 × 4 × 2.5 PA-GN Tumorfree and in good condition for over 36 months Jing et al.(7),2010(China)

NA, not available; PH, pheochromocytoma; GN, ganglioneuroma; PA, paraganglioma.

Hu et al.

Hu et al. Diagnostic Pathology 2013 8:63   doi:10.1186/1746-1596-8-63

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