Table 1

Clinicopathological features of Langerhans cell sarcoma with only cutaneous involvement described in present and previous reports
No. Authors (yr.) Diagnosis Age (year)/Gender Clinical presentation Immunophenotype EM/MA Treatment Outcome
1 Pileri SA (2002) [5] Langerhans cell sarcoma 50/Female Multiple nodular lesions on skin CD1a+/S-100+/CD68+/lysozyme+/CD20-/CD21-/CD45-/CD3-/CD30-/MPO-/EMA- EBERs- NA NA
2 Pileri SA (2002) [5] Langerhans cell sarcoma 10/Female Single nodular lesion on skin CD1a+/S-100+/CD68+/CD20-/CD21-/CD45-/CD3-/CD30-/CD34-/MPO-/EMA- EBERs- Surgery and radiotherapy Alive in complete remission
3 Misery L (2003) [6] Malignant Langerhans cell tumor 38/Female Single red, hardened nodular lesion on skin CD1a+/S-100+/CD68+/HAM56+/lysozyme+/CD45-/HMB45-/EMA-/CK-/CD20-/CD79- Birbeck granules+ Surgery with large excision 2-year follow-up, no relapse/alive
4 The present case Langerhans cell sarcoma 48/male Ulcerated and nodular lesion on skin CD1a+/S-100+/langerin+/CD68(focal)+/CD56-/CD3-/CD20-/CD21-/MPO-/CK- EBERs- Surgery and chemotherapy with CHOP regimen PR, 1-year follow-up, no relapse/alive

EM, electron microscopy; MA, molecular analysis; EMA, epithelial membrane antigen; CK, cytokeratin; MPO, myeloperoxidase; EBERs, Epstein-Barr virus-encoded small RNAs; PR, partial remission; NA, not available.

Li et al.

Li et al. Diagnostic Pathology 2013 8:20   doi:10.1186/1746-1596-8-20

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