Figure 1.

The expression of CyclinD1 tested by immunohistochemistry. (original magnifications: 400×). A: CyclinD1 immunostaining in simple hyperplasia endometrial tissue, cells with a brown-stained nucleus are regarded as positive. However, negative CyclinD1 immunostaining was seen in the picture. (original magnifications: 400×); B:CyclinD1 staining in atypical complex hyperplasia. CyclinD1 is weakly to moderately positive in most grandular epithelium cells (original magnifications: 400×); C: CyclinD1 staining in endometrioid carcinoma. CyclinD1 was strongly and diffusely positive in nucleus (original magnifications: 400×). D: CyclinD1 staining patterns in endometrial serous carcinoma, CyclinD1 expression in ESC mostly showed a strong intensity in nucleus. (original magnifications: 400×). E:SET8 expression in endometrial clear cell carcinoma. The picture showed a moderate intensity of SET8 staining. (original magnifications: 400×).

Liang et al. Diagnostic Pathology 2013 8:138   doi:10.1186/1746-1596-8-138
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