Table 1

24-hour urine protein excretion, serum creatinie and creatinine clearence in transplant and control animals
N 24-hour urine protein Excretion (g/d) Serum creatinie (μ mol/L) Creatinine clearence (ml/min/100 g bw)
Transplant animals 10 0.025±0.028 96.2±36.4 0.180±0.097
controls(LEW) 10 0.035±0.016 74.3± 4.9 0.266±0.079a
controls(F334) 10 0.040±0.024 68.7±6.2a 0.297±0.070b

24-hour urine protein excretion did not differ between the transplant animals and F334 controls or LEW controls. The serum creatinine levels significantly differed between transplant animals and F344 controls, but not between transplant animals and LEW controls. The levels of creatinine clearance in transplant animals were significantly higher than those in either F344 controls or LEW controls (a P < 0.05, vs. allografts. b P < 0.01, vs. allografts).

Gu et al.

Gu et al. Diagnostic Pathology 2013 8:13   doi:10.1186/1746-1596-8-13

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