Figure 3.

FISH analysis using a IGH/ CCND1 t(11;14) probe and Clonality results in 2% agarose gel (A) and (B) Green fluorescent spots represent Igh and red spots stand for CCND1. Both pictures show distinct red and green signals (split signals indicating no translocation) and an increase red signals (cyclin D1 copy gain) at different magnification 63x and 100x respectively. C) Analysis of results of B Clonality in 2% agarose gel 1) FR1-JH monoclonal B control. 2) Sample. 3) FR1-JH polyclonal B control. 4) FR2-JH monoclonal B control. 5) sample. 6) FR2-JH polyclonal B control. 7) FR3-JH monoclonal B control. 8) sample. 9) FR3-JH polyclonal B control. D) Analysis of results of T Clonality in 2% agarose gel 1)VJ-A monoclonal T control. 2) sample. 3) VJ-A polyclonal control. 4)VJ-B monoclonal T control. 5) sample. 6) VJ-B polyclonal control. 7) Beta-Actin Control.

Aquino et al. Diagnostic Pathology 2012 7:79   doi:10.1186/1746-1596-7-79
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