Figure 2.

Histological findings of skin lesion. (A) Low power view of skin lesion showed diffuse infiltration of lymphoid cells in dermal and subcutaneous tissue without epidermotropism. (B) Large atypical lymphoid cells with prominent nucleoli were observed in the skin lesion. Atypical large lymphoid cells were stained positively with CD20 (C) and CD79a (D). However, CD3 positive cells in skin lesion were small lymphocytes with scattered distribution (E). (F) Most of atypical large cells were positive for EBER by in situ hybridization. (A, H&E staining, with original magnification ×40; B, H&E staining, with original magnification ×400; C-E, immunohistochemical staining, with original magnification ×400; F, EBER-in situ hybridization, with original magnification ×400).

Yang et al. Diagnostic Pathology 2012 7:7   doi:10.1186/1746-1596-7-7
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