Figure 3.

FISH results forEGFRare shown. A. Relative frequencies of EGFR/CEP 7 signals (number of cells in intervals/total cells counted multiplied by 100) in FFPE sections of glioblastomas are shown on the y-axis in distributions of signal ratios. Data is skewed to the right due to cells that harboured very high numbers of EGFR signals in each tumor, especially GBM3 and GBM4. Intervals of values for signal ratios along the x-axis are equal except for the last two which are arbitrarily larger (in parentheses). B. Representative tumor cells show EGFR (orange/red) and CEP 7 (green) signals. Nuclei were stained blue with DAPI. All tumors had FFPE sections analyzed and a few also had CUSA specimens analyzed successfully. Others had interference from proteinaceous debris. High power photographs were printed in large format and then digitized.

Truong et al. Diagnostic Pathology 2012 7:66   doi:10.1186/1746-1596-7-66
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