Figure 2.

Nested RT-PCR of fusion transcripts. Results indicate that ETV6 builds fusion transcripts with both the truncated and catalytically active NTRK3 (lane numbers explained below).
    ETV6-NTRK3 rearrangement
: 1 control PCR of patient with ETV6-NTRK3-rearrangement (ABL1); 2 ETV6 exon5 and NTRK3 exon14; 3 ETV6 exon5 and NTRK3 exon14I; 4 ETV6 exon5 and NTRK3 exon14II; 5 ETV6 exon5 and NTRK3 exon17; all NTRK3 primers are specific for the tyrosine kinase domain.
: 6 control PCR of patient without ETV6-NTRK3-rearrangement (ABL1); 7 ETV6 exon5 and NTRK3SequF (patient without ETV6-NTRK3-rearrangement); 10 water control.
    NTRK3-ETV6 Rearrangement
: 8,9 NTRK3 exon12 (2 primers) and ETV6 exon6.

Kralik et al. Diagnostic Pathology 2011 6:19   doi:10.1186/1746-1596-6-19
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