Figure 4.

Expression of SELENBP1 in patients with different endometrial patterns. After normalizing for β-actin and then for the mean of SELENBP1 in normal myometrium, data derived from densitometry of Western Blot experiments were used to represent relative levels of SELENBP1. The level of SELENBP1 in leiomyoma was significantly lower than that in normal myometrium in patients with proliferative endometrium (p = 0.00782), secretory endometrium (p = 0.01562), or atrophic endometrium (p = 0.0447); however, no difference in SELENBP1 level was found among patients of different endometrial patterns (p = 0.43079 in normal myometrium and p = 0.91153 in leiomyoma). The vertical bars represent means and standard deviations. Abbreviations: LM, leiomyoma; MM, normal myometrium; SELENBP1, selenium-binding protein1; n, number of cases.

Zhang et al. Diagnostic Pathology 2010 5:80   doi:10.1186/1746-1596-5-80
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