Figure 1.

Microphotographs of PSEN and pancreatic islets. a: Within the microcystic spaces, the tumor consisted of uniformly round to cuboidal cells arranged in solid sheets and papillae (Inset), (original magnification × 200, HE stain). b: Nodular aggregates of pancreatic islets randomly scattered in the fat around the splenic hilum (original magnification × 100, HE stain). c: Higher magnification of islets with rounded contours (original magnification × 200, HE stain). d: Beta cells present within the islets highlighted by the insulin immunostain (original magnification × 1000, immunoperoxidase stain).

Gupta and Vasishta Diagnostic Pathology 2008 3:3   doi:10.1186/1746-1596-3-3
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